Border disputes with Assam should be resolve based on jurisdiction of Khasi states: HYC


The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Wednesday demanded that resolving the border dispute with Assam should be based on the jurisdiction of the Khasi states and not just by raising hands.

“We want to make our stand clear that the border dispute with Assam should be based on the maps, land documents and boundaries of the Hima Khasi and not just by making people raise their hands,” HYC general secretary Roykupar Synrem said in a statement.

He said the non tribal at Langpih and those residing in other locations falling under the areas of difference should not have the right to decide since they are just illegal settlers in the areas of the Hima Khasi.

“Therefore, we urge the traditional institutions, the Hima, the Raids and the Villages of the Hima Khasi not to allow non-tribal people to take decisions on our land,”he said.

“The Assam government should respect historical facts and should not listen to people who are illegal settlers. These illegal settlers can leave the Khasi villages if they don’t want to stay in Meghalaya,” he added.

The HYC leader further maintained that the organization will never accept the raising of hands by such illegal settlers to forcefully allow  the lands of the Hima Khasi to be taken by Assam. “We strongly condemn the raising of hands policy without taking historical facts relating to the Hima Khasi into consideration,” he said while asserting that the spirit of the IOA & AA and the paragraph 20 of the Sixth Schedule should form the basis while attempting to resolve the age old boundary dispute between the two states.