Boundary wall of under-construction Assembly building in Mawdiangdiang collapsed

The boundary wall of the under-construction Assembly building in Mawdiangdiang collapsed on Friday.

The New Meghalaya Legislative Assembly building which is expected to be completed by September this year has suffered yet another blow after the collapse of a portion of the boundary wall. The Boundary wall was constructed a few years back.

Just two years back, on May 22, 2022, the 70-ton steel dome of the Assembly building had collapsed.

Visiting the site, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said, the collapse of the retaining wall will not affect the main structure of the building.

“I got a call yesterday from the Speaker and he asked me to look into the matter and after doing my preliminary investigation and findings along with the PWD, I have been informed that this particular retaining wall has got nothing to do with the main construction of the building that is going on. In fact, we have been told that it is impossible to reach that location from here as it is very far away down on the sloping side,” The Chief Minister said.

He further added, “It is also being implemented by the Assembly secretariat, it is not being implemented by the PWD.”

Commenting on the collapse of the retaining wall, Sangma said, “The reason why this has gone down was because of the landslides that have taken place and the landslides and different kinds of reasons that this particular situation has happened.”

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