In a major relief to the Border Security Force Meghalaya, its headquarters at Umpling campus records zero COVID 19 cases.
“It feels like winning a war,” was the reaction of BSF medical officer of Composite Hospital Dr. A.C. Bharadwajan, DIG.
Delighted Bharadwajan said, “I am feeling completely relieved and relaxed and it’s something feeling of winning a war because it was a war we had too many cases at one point of time, how to accommodate them, how to handle the situation because we have few medical staffs, doctors are very less, paramedical staffs are very less so with all this it was like a war-like situation.”
Though, having insufficient medical and paramedical staff, the border guarding force fought back against this mighty virus.
Relieved being Covid free, he said, “We have won it we are happy although, there is no endpoint, till now we are at the winning situation.”
As BSF lacks the testing facility, NEIGRIHMS has extended its helping hand. Elaborating on the role of NEIGRIHMS in its fight against COVID 19, Bharadwajan said, “We have very good cordial relation with the NEIGRIHMS and in the fight against the COVID 19, they were of great help in the sense we had Viral Transport Medium (VTM) for diagnosis but we do not have the testing facility.”
He added, “So contacted the director of NEIGRIHMS Dr. P Bhattacharjee and HOD of microbiology Dr. AC Phukan and both they agreed how much VTM we are sending after collecting the samples, they will be testing, in a day we sent 100-150 samples and we were getting results within 24 hours. At times we were getting results after 8 hours only.”
“That was giving us more chance to segregate the infected people from the noninfected people. In that way NEIGRIHMS has given us a lot of help,” he said.
Stating about the active participation of BSF jawans in Plasma donation, the DIG said, “We have around 787 BSF jawans who recovered from covid 19, out of them around 450 came forward voluntarily with the willingness of donating the plasma. “
“This plasma donation will save lives of severely sick covid patients they came forward, we started the plasma donation with the blood bank of NEIGRIHMS,” he said.
Talking about precautionary measures adopted by the BSF, Bharadwajan wearing masks and sensitisation has been made compulsory for the jawans.
“ We have enforced that everyone should wear a mask while going out and any relaxation any laxity in that will be dealt administratively, so as a force personnel they have followed our instruction and as on day masks and sanitisation are two major weapons world over are using to fight COVID,” the official said.
Even the jawans returning from leave have to go for mandatory quarantine in BSF. EOM