Bypoll: Ashahel D Shira richest among 13 contesting candidates

Sitting member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) Ashahel D Shira has emerged as the richest from among the 13 candidates in the upcoming bye elections to the three Assembly seats, slated for October 30.
According to affidavits filed before the returning officer, the gross value of his movable assets is Rs 62,96,30,041 while immovable assets is nil.
The 44-year-old former Congress legislator is contesting on a United Democratic Party (UDP) ticket from Rajabala constituency.
Shira will be contesting against ruling National People’s Party (NPP) candidate MD Abdus Saleh (53), opposition Congress nominee Hashina Yasmin (37), also wife of former MLA Dr Azad Zaman, BJP candidate Kingston B Marak and Independent candidate Carla R Sangma.
The Batabari MDC is also the lone candidate who also has an FIR registered against him at the Laban police station under Arms Act for unlawful activities and charges framed on February 5, 2016.
Abdus is also a crorepati having a total of Rs 1,97,44,702.9 movable assets and Rs 54,00,000 immovable assets.
His wife Sultana Atifa Akbar moveable assets are at Rs 2,09,14,527.7 and immovable assets is worth Rs 24,60,000.
Yasmin, a B.Sc passed from BN college, Assam, has Rs 6,76,647 movable assets while Carla with Rs 66,500 movable asserts and Marak, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with Rs 56,000 movable assets.
On the the hand, Congress candidate Highlander Kharmalki is the richest from among those in the fray from Mawryngkneng constituency.
The engineer-turned-politician’s movable assets are at Rs 77,50,230 and his immovable asserts is worth Rs 2,89,80,000.
His wife Saphira Rapthap has RS 29,31,774 movable assets and Rs 90,30,000 immovable assets.
The second richest candidate is the sitting Sohryngkham MDC and currently the chairman of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Pyniaid Sing Syiem (35) of the NPP.
Syiem movable assets is Rs 64,38,857 and immovable assets at Rs 1,45,50,000.
The three independent candidates include Nobert Marboh (39), Erson Marwein (44) and Arbiangkam Kharsohmat (36).
Marboh has movable assets of Rs 9,20,000 and immovable assets of Rs 55,00,000 while his wife Idahun Tyngkan movable assets are at Rs 8,10,000 and Rs 15,00,000 immovable assets.
Marwein has movable assets worth Rs 1,04,445 while his wife Josephine Ranee has Rs 7,79,381 movable assets and Rs 50 lakhs immovable assets. Kharsohmat, who completed his general nursing & mid-wifery from Bangalore, has cash of Rs 49,000 only.
Meanwhile as far as Mawphlang constituency is concerned, football icon Eugeneson Lyngdoh is richer than his opponents.
Lyngdoh (35), son of former sitting MLA (L) SK Sunn, has RS 1,27,18,592.80 movable assets and Rs 55,00,000 immovable assets.
He is contesting on a UDP ticket against two seasoned politicians – sitting MDC Lamphrang Blah of the NPP and former MLA Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem of the opposition Congress.
Khyriem on the other hand has Rs 20,64,412 movable assets while his wife M Lyngdoh has Rs 42,05,380 movable assets and Rs 3,64,35,000 immovable assets.
Blah has movable assets worth Rs 11,85,675 and immovable assets of Rs 40,00,000 while his wife Sosimai Dohtdong has Rs 2,36,665 movable assets.
The counting for the bypolls will be held on November 2.