Now, Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violation can be reported digitally through the cVIGIL app launched by the poll panel.

The Election Commission has come up with C-vigil App which will be a force multiplier and a powerful tool to promptly report unlawful campaigning activities and violation of Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

Informing about the app, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar on Friday said, this technology is to empower the citizens.

“We are using technology to empower the citizens. There is an app called C-vigil- Citizens be Vigil, if you make any complaint to the election commission just download this app and you can take a picture upload it if something wrong is happening, if cash is distributed you can take a picture and upload it,” Kumar said.

C-VIGIL is a Single App for recording, reporting, and resolving violations. Citizens, candidates and political parties can complain anonymously and it takes GIS location automatically. The ECI Officials said in a 100-minute the ECI’s flying squad can reach the spot on time and catch the culprits.

“If you want to write something, you can write and send text also you can give. Wherever the complainant is from his latitude and longitude we will capture automatically the location and within 100 mins our team will reach the location and check it and comeback to the complainant,” he added.

cVIGIL, which stands for Vigilant Citizen will help ECI capture the  Model Code of Conduct   violators with evidence.

With this app, people can record or take pictures of a candidate or his followers handing out money or gifts to citizens of the constituency to garner votes


By Editor