Cattle smuggling increases in districts bordering Bangladesh


The Border Security Force has claimed that the Cattle Smuggling in Meghalaya has re-surfaced and is increasing especially in the three districts of Meghalaya bordering Bangladesh.
Stating that most venerable are the districts of East Khasi Hills, West Jaintia Hills, and East Jaintia Hills which shares the border with Bangladesh, the BSF in a statement said, “In order to prevent such illegal activity BSF Frontier HQ Meghalaya had formed special teams to carry out Intelligence-based operation in these areas close to International Boundary.”

Six persons were apprehended along with 53 cattle from along the international border with Bangladesh on Friday.

According to the Border Security Force (BSF), the six Indian nationals were apprehended near Dawki in West Jaintia Hills district for their involvement in the smuggling of cattle.

A total of 53 cattle were seized from a truck and the manner in which they were being transported is in contravention to Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Acts, they said.

The preliminary questioning report of arrested persons revealed that these cattle were transported from Guwahati (Khanapara) and comprised of various cattle breed which are generally not found in Northeastern state.

They also disclosed a new modus operandi adopted while transporting these cattle to deceive Police personnel’s on duty at various checkpoints including inter- state border along the National highway, BSF said in a statement.

To tackle this menace, the statement said the BSF has again urged the state authorities concerned to conduct the joint operation in these areas and also place check points at suitable locations.

It said the study on cattle smuggling also revealed that it is linked with drug smuggling in the State and the money generated through this smuggling is used for funding remnant insurgent groups active in Meghalaya. EOM