CCORMAU demands Govt to release Rs 20 crore per month as terminal benefits to MeECL pensioners


The Coordination Committee of Registered MeECL (Employees) Associations and Unions (CCORMAU) has demanded the state government to release at least Rs 20 crore per month as terminal benefits (corpus fund) to the MeECL pensioners.

In a letter to the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on December 13, CCORMAU president PK Shullet said, “It is understood that payment of the whole corpus fund in lumpsum may be difficult, hence it is requested that the state government may arrange for budgetary provision from FY 2022-23 onwards and may release minimum amount of at least 20 crores per month, commencing from April-2022.”

This was pertaining to the terminal benefits (corpus fund) of over Rs 840 crore to be funded by the state government to the MeECL.

Shullet also reminded the discussions during a meeting held on February 12, 2020 where it was proposed that there would be budgetary support for the corpus fund. However, it is regretted to say that there has not been any positive move on this matter.

He said that due to non-receipt of the corpus fund from the state government, the MeECL has had to shoulder the burden of servicing the cost of various payments to pensioners.

“This has a negative impact upon the corporation which was and still is under severe financial stress,” Shullet said while informing that considering loss of interest in the interim period, the total amount of corpus fund as on date would range between Rs 1800 to Rs 2000 crores.

It may be mentioned that since 2016, the retired pensioners have not been paid their terminal benefits such as Gratuity, LEB etc which is a contravention of applicable laws.

“This has subjected the pensioners of MeECL to undue hardship and stress,” Shullet said even as he urged the chief minister to intervene into the matter as it involves the lives of many pensioners as well as the future of all concerned employees of the corporation.