Centre concern over NE emerging as major drug transit route


Amidst the threat of new narco-terrorism in the region, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Dr. Virendra Kumar has expressed concern as Northeast emerges as a major drug transit and trafficking route.

While fences at the International Border went up, but drugs kept moving, “…it is a big challenge for the North eastern states who are sharing boundaries with other countries, as these routes are frequently issued by drug paddlers for transit of drugs,” Dr. Virendra Kumar.

Speaking about the menace of substance abuse, the Union Minister was very categorical when he said that drug addiction affects not only a person or family, but the entire society.

Stating that all-out efforts to curb the menace are being made, he called upon the state governments to work more vigorously so that the youth who are affected by this menace can be linked with the NGOs and the schemes of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

 It is the duty of everyone to educate the people about the ill effects of drug abuse and to assist the rehabilitation of victims of substance abuse, he added.

The Minister reaffirmed the commitment of the government to achieve social goals to end drug abuse and strengthen community-centric approaches and outcomes.

He said that the dream of the Prime Minister of India for a Nasha Mukt Bharat will be successful only when officials in the government, NGOs and community at large work together to end the menace from its roots.