Certain schemes of Centre are linked to Aadhar: Admits Ampareen

 Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ampareen Lyngdoh on Tuesday said there is need to encourage citizens of the state for Aadhaar registration.


Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said fortunately despite the fact that the state of Meghalaya had exempted its citizens from compulsory Aadhaar registration, certain schemes of the government of India are linked to Aadhaar seeding adding the food and civil supply ration facility for beneficiaries is again linked to Aadhaar.


She said the MHIS of the state of Meghalaya because it is now docktail along with the Prime Minister’s special scheme for the provision of affordable health facilities for the citizens of India so that also necessitating Aadhaar linkage and seeding is compulsory.


The minister said the citizens of Meghalaya today no longer feel this uncertainty about the Aadhaar registration because obviously over the years, they have understood the reality of Aadhaar and they are not easily misinformed any longer.


Lyngdoh said Aadhaar is pretty much getting linked to everything.


“In the recently held elections of 2023 in Meghalaya, several BLOs were encouraging citizens to link their Aadhaar to their EPIC and it was not a compulsory exercise but it looks like in the near future pretty much every documentation or every citizens of the state of Meghalaya as well as the states in India will have to have Aadhaar linkages. So several schemes even for pregnant mothers which are now being availed by beneficiaries across the state of Meghalaya are also now being seeded with Aadhaar,” she said


“So, yes, it is a fact and the people of the state should be encouraged to register Aadhaar as when a crisis occurs in the family, this Aadhaar will be able to allow them to link themselves to several schemes that can help ease out their situation. So, yes, the state of Meghalaya now has a better percentage of coverage of the Aadhaar registry of citizens,” she said.