Chief Secretary’s vehicle hit by another vehicle within Assembly complex


Meghalaya news 24 exclusive

In the rush hour, Chief Secretary MS Rao’s vehicle was hit by another vehicle in front of the Assembly building on Monday.

The other vehicle was moving backward when it hit the Chief Secretary’s vehicle.

Although the hit was not major and there was no major damage, but the Chief Secretary’s vehicle Chevrolet Cruze LTZ (blue colour) bearing registration number ML 010101 is left with some scratch Mark on it.

As the Assembly session was about to begin, a vehicle belonging to an official that was driven by his driver hit the Chief Secretary’s vehicle on Monday morning. According to the eyewitness,  it was almost 10 am and the other vehicle driver tried to use the reverse gear as it was moving backward when he hit the CS vehicle.

As the ongoing budget session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly continues, with little parking space managing the vehicles became a herculean task for the police personnel. The traffic police have to direct several vehicles with car passes to park near the Shillong Times office.

As the construction of the new Assembly building is expected to complete by year-end, the problem of parking is likely to get minimize in the newly constructed building at Mawdiangdiang.