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Clash broke out at Iongkhuli village near Kylling, Ri-Bhoi; Mawhati MDC allegedly manhandled


The situation turned violent after a clash broke out on Monday between local residents of Iongkhuli village near Kylling, Ri-Bhoi district in Meghalaya and Assam police.

While objecting to the attempt of the Meghalaya Electricity Corporation Limited to erect the electricity pole, Assam Police personnel have reportedly tried to pull down the electricity poles.

This has led to the commotion in the area where a large group of Assam police was then sent to the site to dispel the crowd, however, the situation nearly got out of hand.

The local Member of District Council representing Mawhati constituency, Charles Margnar was allegedly manhandled by the Assam police.

“I stopped them; I stopped the Assam police from removing the electricity poll and then they pulled me and pushed me,” Margnar said.

The MDC along with local residents demonstrated strong opposition when the Assam police tried to forcibly strike down the electricity poles.

There were claims and counterclaims that nearly led the situation to go out of control.

 Meanwhile, According to Deputy Commissioner, Ri-Bhoi RM Kurbah the skirmish happened MeECL was supposed to erect a few poles in Iongkhuli but they couldn’t do that from the Assam side they (Police) had objected.

“We assessed the situation as there were a large number of women and men in the area and we didn’t want any breakdown of the law and order situation so we asked the MECL to stop whatever work they were doing. The state government is also taking up the boundary dispute issue and talks are happening,” Kurbah said.

Asked about any injuries reported to the local residents of the area, the DC said she has not received any report yet from the officials on the site.  “I have not received any report and I am waiting for my Additional District Magistrate to come back from the site,” she added.

In fact Chief Minister Conrad Sangma held a cabinet meeting and the boundary issue with Assam was one of the agendas.

However, neither the Chief Minister nor the Cabinet colleagues briefed the media on the meeting.

Just three days back on Friday last, Chief Ministers of both Assam and Meghalaya held a meeting in Shillong wherein they have decided to go beyond the status quo by adopting a give and take policy for resolving the age-old boundary dispute between the two states.

Meghalaya and Assam share 12 areas of disputes which both sides claim as its own.

The incident occurred after all Chief Ministers of the North Eastern states met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Shillong on Saturday and discussed law and order as well as border dispute issues.

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