CM addresses All Jaintia Muster Roll Workers and Labour Union Meeting held in Ummulong, West Jaintia Hills

Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, today attended the 8th General Meeting of All Jaintia Muster Roll Workers and Labour Union in collaboration with the Union of Cook cum Helpers PM Poshan, Meghalaya at Madan Kawang, Ummulong.

Addressing the gathering Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, while expressing gratitude to the association for the felicitations that the association and union bestowed on him said that to be a part of the association on the Foundation Day is a message that the government is with muster roll workers and mid day meal cooks.

Highlighting the problems faced by Muster Roll Workers due to untimely payment of salaries, Chief Minister said, “When we took over the government in 2018 there were long-standing issues with delay in payment of salaries for Muster Roll workers. There were multiple reasons for this but we accepted this reality and committed to resolve it. To tackle this, we worked on better coordination among our Departments and accordingly, Finance Department was directed to release three months advance payments to the Departments so salaries are disbursed on time”.

Speaking about the challenges for timely release of salaries, the Chief Minister stated, “This was not an easy task as there are many Muster Roll employees in the State and this was an issue faced by the workers for many years but with constant follow ups and with better coordination, we are slowly resolving it by streamlining the system and today, majority of our Muster Roll Workers are getting their salaries on time.”

He added, “This is not a one day task and realising the ground reality it will take time to resolve it fully but I am glad that we are making these changes that are showing positive results”.

Emphasising on the need to transcend vote bank politics and make decisions that prioritise the welfare of the people he said, “The service of every single citizen, from cabinet ministers to farmers, holds equal importance. Our goal is to provide relief to those who have endured suffering for years and this step aligns with the State’s unwavering commitment to better the lives of its citizens,” he affirmed.

The Chief Minister also said, “When we took over the Government people expected us to solve issues prevalent in the State for the last 50 years and though this is a humongous and time-taking task I am dedicated to taking Meghalaya to greater heights with the blessings and support of the people. While challenges may be formidable, we are unwavering in our commitment to serve the state’s best interests and wee are here to make a positive difference.”

The Chief Minster also assured the gathering of muster roll workers and mid day meal cooks that the issues faced by them in terms of wages, maternity leave and other benefits will be addressed by the government. “Though all the issues mentioned in the memorandum that you have submitted may not be resolved there will be no shortcomings in the efforts that will be put in by the government,” he said.

Deputy Chief Minister, Snaiwbhalang Dhar also graced the event with his presence, reflecting the unified resolve of the government to address the issues faced by the state’s government workforce.

Earlier the Chief Minister also felicitated a meritorious student, a child of a muster roll worker, who secured a rank in the SSLC examination this year. The Chief Minister was felicitated on the occasion by the muster roll workers for the enhancement of salary and honorarium.

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