CM assures Govt will take action based on report to be submitted by judicial inquiry probing into alleged killing of Cherishterfield


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday assured that the state government will take action based on the report to be submitted by the judicial inquiry probing into the alleged killing of the former HNLC leader Cherishterfield Thangkhiew.

 “The government as well as the home minister had already mentioned that we will act firmly on the basis of the judicial inquiry that comes in,” Sangma told reporters.

 He also reminded that the government’s decision to institute the judicial inquiry was to ensure that the truth can come out while reacting to the growing demand to suspend the DGP and the two SPs.

 “Therefore all the people who are demanding this, I would urge them that you should be patient, you should wait for the inquiry to be completed,” the chief minister said.

 “We have been very clear from day one that there is an inquiry that is going on and when the inquiry is going on we have to wait for the inquiry results to come out and what the inquiry will bring out. It is completely unfair for us to take action against anybody without proper inquiry and finding out who the responsible people are,” he maintained.