CM assures to examine issue of regularizing teachers in non-govt LP school

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Tuesday assured to examine the issue of regularizing teachers in non-government lower primary schools.

Replying to a query on the second day of the budget session, Chief Minister said, it was the MDA Government that took the decision to regularise these 461 non Government and these Government LP school teachers which is a very very big step forward in resolving many pending issues within the Education department.

“It was the past Government from MDA 1 which finally resolved this issue for the teachers and as per the rules and laws we will examine the matter and once we can examine as mentioned by the honourable minister we will be able to then take the correct step forward,” Sangma said.

The Chief Minister also urged if any documents and papers that are there? They can always be given to the Government.

Stating that after the initiative of the MDA Government this problem was resolved, Conrad said, now there are certain sections that have come and they are saying that they are also within that category.

“Therefore, these matters will have to be examined in detail,” he added.

While agreeing to the concern raised by the legislator from Nongpoh constituency Mayralborn Syiem, he said “….these teachers have been really suffering from very long time and time and again they have been coming to the Government wanting this entire situation to be resolved and these are very genuine cases that they faced. “

He said that the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance-I government was able to resolve the issue, which was pending for 30 years, by regularizing the services of over 461 teachers posted at non-government lower primary schools. These were those appointed by administrator/deputy inspector of schools prior to 2007.

Earlier in his reply, education minister Rakkam A Sangma informed that 1985 teachers in government lower primary schools were also regularized.

UDP Nongpoh legislator Mayralborn Syiem during the question hour pointed out that there are notifications and letter sent by the education department to the respective managing committees of the different schools in the state dated 9 June 2016 and the second 21 Feb 2023.

“My concern is with regard to the other school teachers who have been left out without regularising them. Apart from this 461, there are non-Government school teachers who have been appointed by the administrator or deputy inspector of school prior to 2nd June 1994, so what is the steps to be taken by the Government for those teachers who have been left out till now. Not yet been regularised,” Syiem said.

The Education Minister said, the point raised has been noted.

Syiem, however, urged the minister to look into the issue related to these teachers.

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