CM assures to resolve issues of SSA Teachers’


Meghalaya Chief Minister and NPP National President Conrad K Sangma on Saturday informed that the additional chief Secretary of the Education Department, DP Wahlang, is currently in Delhi trying to resolve the issue of the delay in the release of funds by the central Government meant for the payment of SSA Teacher’ salaries.

“I want to assure you that we are there to do everything in our capacity to ensure that the Government of India clears these salaries on time and as we speak our Additional Chief Secretary Education is in Delhi working with the Government of India to release the salaries of SSA Teachers,” Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said during an election rally on Saturday.

While promising to resolve the issue at the earliest, the CM said,”… Our SSA teachers are suffering because the government of India releases their salaries in batches of three months, five months, six months, sometimes even eight months, and the numbers are so huge that it is not possible for the state government to simply give it out of its pocket…”

The NPP chief further clarifies that 90% of the funds for the salaries come from the Central Government and  until the Central Government clears the funds, the State Government is helpless as the amount of the salaries is huge.

“The salaries that are given to SSA teachers, 90 percent of it comes from the government of India, 10 percent of it is given by the state government. So it’s a 90:10 funded programme. Until and unless we don’t get funds from the central government, we are not able to clear the salaries of our SSA Teachers and the same has been going on for many many years.” he added.

Earlier, on Friday, the Meghalaya Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Schools Association (MSSASA) has announced to hold a mass rally on November 9 in protest against the government’s delay in fulfilling their charter of demands.

The association demanded the release of the teachers’ pending salaries for June to September 2021.