CM calls for scientific approach towards sports; stresses on need to provide sports training to kids at early age


Meghalaya News 24 exclusive

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has called for the need to have a scientific approach towards sports, even as he advocated for providing sports training to the kids at the early age for them to excel in future.

“…the sports has to be handled in a scientific manner, therefore, what happens is we end up training our people or people themselves starts training only when they are 12- 13- 14 or even 15 years old and sometimes elder than that,” Sangma said while referring to the reason why Meghalaya till now could not produce any Olympian athletics till date.

While giving an example of countries which shine in Olympics, Sangma said, “… the way the most Nations that are successfully winning in the Olympics have realized that you need to identify the talent of the particular sports person while they are very young at the age of 5-6-7 or 8 years and then put them in the sports that they are good at rather than sports they like.”

The CM said there is a need to identify the talent of the particular sports person while they are very young at the age.

“.. Therefore, this kind of a scientific approach to sports has not been there in our country  which we feel is very very important so there are many more reason but primarily these two reason are there because of which this happens but now with time changing we have seen that these kind of approaches are happening in the Nation as well in the state,” he added.

He also spoke about providing opportunity and the infrastructure at the large scale to athletics.

Asked what is wrong with Meghalaya failed to produce Olympic participants, the Chief Minister said, “It’s not that Meghalaya being wrong anything like that if you see the country as a whole there are lack in the entire area of representing in the Olympics, this has got multiple issues, ofcourse the opportunity and the infrastructure available to the players to practice, now that has to be done at a large scale. So those areas are missing, not just in Meghalaya but throughout the country.”

As countdown begins for Tokyo Olympics, with 127 athletes, Tokyo Olympics will be India’s highest ever playing contingent participating at the 32nd edition of the Summer Olympic Games.

The opening ceremony of the Games will take place on July 23 at the newly-built National Stadium in Tokyo while the closing ceremony will be held on August 8.