CM denies having any discussion to work with opposition Congress


National People’s Party (NPP) national president and Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday categorically denied that there is any discussion to work with the opposition Congress.

 “There is no discussion at all in this line. We are here as MDA and we are working aggressively to take the state forward so there is no discussion, no issue, no talks in this line at all,” Sangma told reporters.

 Asked if the NPP is ready to work with the Congress in 2023, the NPP chief however said that election is very far away adding “It is not something that one has anything with anybody but the talks that are coming in now is baseless we have not had any discussion with anybody in this line.”

 Stating that NPP is happy working with the MDA coalition partners, Sangma said, “The coalition partners who are with the MDA here have shown full commitment and loyalty and as the leading party in the coalition, we are also very committed to our coalition partners to ensure that we will complete our term.”

 To a query if the taking over of the Shillong MP as the new MPCC chief is a threat to the NPP, Sangma however said at the end of the day it is all about politics and elections will come.

 “Therefore, whoever takes over it will be a challenge either way if A takes over there will be some challenge, if B takes over there will be challenges and it will be wrong for NPP to simply underestimate or not take things seriously,” he said.

 He continued, “So as a political party, it is our duty to ensure we are always serious about what we do not just as a government but even as a political party. Therefore, everything that happens is something that is important to us and it is the duty of the party and the leadership to ensure that we take all movements that are happening seriously.”