Committee on Roster to request Govt to allow discussion on job reservation policy

The Committee on Roster Reservation on Monday decided to request the state government to extend its terms of reference beyond the roster system by allowing discussion on the job reservation policy.


Speaking to reporters, Chairperson of the Committee and Minister in-charge Law Ampareen Lyngdoh said, “We are going to request the government of Meghalaya to include a discussion on the job reservation policy at the earliest.”


Lyngdoh said all political parties including Garo National Council (GNC) had attended the meeting except for VPP.


There was a unanimous agreement on the proposed roster and the committee has decided to forward certain recommendations to the government of Meghalaya for its consideration. However, the VPP is still yet to be part of the discussion.


She said, if a roster system has to be agreed upon all political parties should be a part of the deliberation on the issue.


“We therefore are going to request the government of Meghalaya to include a discussion on the job reservation policy at the earliest so that we may give an opportunity to the VPP to present its point of view to the committee. Having said that therefore, we will at the same time also send a recommendation to the government of Meghalaya to allow all political parties also to do the same exercise as it would be skewed if only one political party would be given that opportunity.”


She further informed that once the VPP is being given a fair chance to present its views, the committee will take a call at a further date as to how to go about handling all the matters that are brought before its purview.


The law minister also said that the committee will again meet on May 31, to give an opportunity to all political parties to bring forward suggestions and observations so that we are able to take at least this one agenda forward in letter and spirit.


“…… people of the state may feel that we are a committee that is inclusive in nature and we would like all points of view to be heard before any final decisions can be taken on this matter,” she said.


She also appealed to the VPP to attend the next meeting of the committee. Lyngdoh said, “We will extend an invitation once again to the VPP to attend this meeting providing the government of Meghalaya permits us to extend our terms of reference to also discuss the job reservation policy.”

She also assured that the minutes of today’s meeting will be urgently sent to the chief minister for his consideration. she said as it would be unfair not to include the VPP because every political thought in the state is important.

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