Commuters affected as indefinite strike by commercial vehicles continue.


Commuters faced hardships in reaching their destinations as an indefinite strike called against hike in prices of petrol and diesel hit the public transport services in the city on Wednesday.

Almost all the commercial vehicles including local taxis remained off-road during the strike called under the banner of the Meghalaya Joint Action Committee of Commercial Vehicles (MJACCV).

The JAC has been demanding the state government to either reduce the prices of petrol and diesel or increase the passenger fares as a solution to the problem faced by commercial vehicles.

Chairman of the JAC, Wandonbok Jyrwa said that the decision to call the indefinite strike was after the state government failed to pay any heed to the demand of the committee.

“We have decided to continue with our strike until the state government is ready to address our problems,” he said while informing that the strike is effective in Khasi and Jaintia Hills region.

“Our strike is not against the people but against the silent treatment of the state government who indirectly steals money from its people by imposing a heavy tax on petrol and diesel,” said Jyrwa.

Asked, Jyrwa said the strike will continue as the issue has affected the commercial vehicles to a great extent adding and also since no communication from the state government that it will invite them for talks.

On the deputy chief minister’s claim that the heavy tax is being collected for promotion of the education sector, Jyrwa said “His (Dy CM) statement is merely an excuse to loot the people of the state since there are many teachers in the state both SSA and Deficits teachers who have not received their salaries nor arrears.”