Congress accuses Conrad for encouraging corruption to organize NPP in NE targeting Assam election.




While the allegation of rampant corruption seems to be haunting the state Government for some time now, the opposition Congress has accused the Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma of encouraging corruption in order to further organize and strengthen the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) in other parts of the North East region.

 Congress spokesman and Rangsakona legislator, Zenith Sangma revealed that the modus operandi is to organize the NPP by making its existence in other parts of the NE region.

 “What is the modus operandi? Now, the NPP is a very newly born party and now Conrad K Sangma being the president of the party claiming that they are being able to extend its existence to other parts of the North East. They are going to put up lots of candidates in the upcoming Assam elections, which are going to be held next year.

So if we do some analytical study on the party in power, they are doing all these things (in order) to organize the party and make its existence in other parts of the North East slowly,” he said.

 Zenith further added that it is an open secret and everybody is talking about the move of the NPP’s expansion to other states in the NE through its corrupt practices.

Targeting Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, the senior Congress legislator said from day one of the MDA government headed by Conrad K Sangma, the state has witnessed frequent transferring of officers.

 He said the transfers due to different issues be it transportation of coal, limestone, boulders, or be it in the power department or other departments and be it the COVID-19 management, only few ministers are being accused of.

 Sangma also alleged that the reason for this frequent transferring of officers is when such officers failed to comply with the requirement of the “greedy people”.

 “(Such) officers – be it head of the department or be it, officers, in the district administration whether it is DC or SP – are being transferred frequently and somebody else with pre-conditions, who are going to comply with the needs of these greedy people, will be brought and posted in such districts,” he said.

 The Congress leader however said when any officer is transferred before completing three years definitely it requires the approval of the chief minister.

 According to him, the home minister or anybody cannot order the transfer on his own unless they get the approval of the chief minister especially if the tenure of the officer is less than three years as per the rules.

“So in this case, the chief minister is paving the way to enable his ministers to make money through corrupt practices or anybody in the party who are involved can do the same and ultimately it will benefit everybody in the party – that is the main intention that could be found from their action because as it is rightly said actions speak louder than words,” Zenith said.

 “This is the kind of modus operandi that they are having. Let me tell you again in the process of this corrupt practice, we cannot just accuse or blame only one or two ministers concerned, it is done very much with the knowledge and involvement of the chief minister…he is paving the way and enabling others to do what they want to do,” he further alleged.

 Zenith said that the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma had rightly and repeatedly pointed out that there is a criminal conspiracy and it is a well-scripted modus operandi like in the case of illegal transportation of coal, where many officers are being frequently transferred. EOM