Congress asks Govt. to make ‘RAT’ free for permanent residents entering Meghalaya


Meghalaya Congress today urged the State Government to make Rapid Antigen test free at the entry point for the permanent resident of the state.

Stating that those who are going out of the state are doing so due to some emergency, Congress spokesperson Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem    said, “In a pandemic and crisis like this people go to outside the state specially Assam mostly for medical treatment, for job interview or some important issues or matters nobody will go just for fun.”

Pointing out that visiting Assam is now a costly affair, the Congress leader said the cost of vehicle hiring has gone up owing to stringent Covid norms.

“If you go to Guwahati sometime we have to hire vehicles, the cost of hiring if it is Rs 2000 the charge will be three to four time because the driver always says they have to quarantine themselves once we come back to the state. So if they have to quarantine themselves for 10 days the cost at the rate of Rs 500 per day will come to Rs 5000 so to go to Guwahati just for a vehicle hiring, the vehicle rent costs Rs 8 to 10 thousand rupees,” he said.

Asserting that the Government is working very hard to fight COVID 19, he said, “We understand and we are concerned that the state Government has spent nearly 400 crores to fight the coronavirus pandemic that is from the Government treasury.”