Coal scam: Congress asks political parties to pull out of NPP-led MDA government


 The Bharatiya Janata Party Meghalaya unit is firm on its demand that the Power Minister, James K Sangma should be immediately arrested if he is involved in the illegal transportation of coal. 

 Breaking his silence, the former Meghalaya Chief Minister and leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr. Mukul Sangma have stated that if BJP is determined to fight against corruption they should have written to the PMO asking for the arrest of perpetrators rather than being rhetoric and playing to the galleries.

 “BJP doesn’t have demand only, BJP can order, they should write to the PMO, they should write to the Prime Minister and ask him to go as per law. What is preventing BJP from doing that? Is it just for rhetoric and to play to the galleries?” Dr. Mukul Sangma questioned. 

“They can actually have whatever is appropriate as per law, the actual action not just talk,” he added. 

 Reiterating its demand for an independent inquiry into the coal scam, the opposition Congress on Saturday asked the political parties to pull out of the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government to protect the state from a cartel that is looting the state. 

 “We will look forward to legal action and we will look forward to a completely independent inquiry when such an allegation has surfaced,” Leader of Opposition and former chief minister, Mukul Sangma told reporters.

 He was reacting to reports alleging the involvement of the state power minister, James K Sangma in a coal racket busted by Assam police.

 Mukul said that the party was waiting for the government’s response (to the allegation) but that did not happen.

 “You might say why the opposition is quiet but sometimes it is necessary for us to give them a long rope and let them hang themselves. This is exactly what is going to happen with this government as they have beaten more what they can chew…,” he said.

 Asking the coalition partners to withdraw support to the MDA, the former chief minister said, “These are all deep-rooted criminal activities. This is a dangerous trend and whoever is having the share they are happy. All these political parties, who are in the government, if they are in the interest of protecting the state, will all come out of this government but if they are together please say that they are happy and why they are happy, you ask them.”

 When asked, he said, “It is not a question of the BJP alone. How many political parties are there who claim themselves to be parties to protect the interest of the “Jaidbynriew” and the interest of the state? Are they doing it? When the state is being looted how you can protect the interest of the Jaidbynriew.”​ ​