Congress asks State Govt to effectively utilize SSC to prevent any re-emergence of any lawlessness in Meghalaya


Leader of Opposition MukuL Sangma on Tuesday asked the state government to effectively utilize the State Security Commission (SSC) to prevent any re-emergence of any lawlessness in the state.

 After attending the SSC meeting, Mukul said there are inputs which suggest that there are attempts to regroup by surrenderees of various militant outfits and there are also movements of some other organizations.

 “This is a concern keeping in mind the experiences we have gone through. One must realize that Meghalaya from the geo-political perspective is very vulnerable (having borders) with Assam, Bangladesh,” he said.

 He said concerning the other activities of insurgency in the whole North East region, Meghalaya has always been looked at as a place for training of their cadres.

 “There have been training camps in the past, therefore, obviously tendency will always be there to look at any space if we are seen to be complacent and not knowing what is happening in the most interior and inaccessible areas of the state,” he added.


According to him, the government also has to keep in mind the likelihood of any other anti-national forces to utilize any space in the North East including Meghalaya.


“We have to be always alert…Meghalaya is one of the NE states and therefore we have to understand the complexity of the problem and therefore, every input small or any indicative must be taken seriously and act upon,” he said adding “We want to ensure SSC is effectively utilized to help the state as a whole because then any omission or commission or any tendency for omission and commission can be prevented also.”


Asked, he said the meeting of the SSC should have been held earlier because the police organization is very crucial to ensure a sense of security among the people of the state.  


Stating that the SSC is a platform to share inputs, Mukul said it is also to look if there are enough measures to prevent any reemergence of any lawlessness in the state and putting right measures in advance to ensure the state does not suffer from a sense of complacency.  


“…how we alert the police organization where we find them wanting and where we find they need further strengthening and support –are few internal things we discussed,” he said.


The former chief minister also informed that the meeting of the SSC has decided to complete the process of appointment of the two independent members at the earliest.


“I hope that the commission will have full strength. The full members of the commission will be there once the process of appointment of the independent members is completed.

Other than that, all internal matters which revolve around law and order, which revolve around militancy and internal security, that part is discussed and that remains within the four walls of the meeting room,” he said.