Congress condemns MDA Govt’s insensitive attitude & lack of commitment to defend integrity of inter-state border


The opposition Congress on Saturday condemned the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government’s insensitive attitude and lack of commitment to defend the integrity of the inter-state border of the state.   

 After a meeting of the CLP, Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma told reporters that the party has discussed the complete indifference of the government and dereliction of the sense of responsibility to protect the integrity of the inter-state border of the state.

 He said the government of the day has failed to take cognizance of the concerns to ensure the process of any encroachment doesn’t go on despite petitions being submitted on several occasions.

 “I have not seen any government in the past from the creation of the state, who has not responded to this kind of responsibility vested upon the government. Where has their priority gone?” Sangma asked.

 “This government has been seen to demonstrate complete insensitivity and complete lack of seriousness, complete indifference to the issue and relinquish itself from its responsibility. I condemn this attitude of the government,” he said.

 Sangma informed that the CLP has unanimously decided to urge upon the government to be serious and take cognizance of this problem and engage with the counterpart immediately.

 He also reminded the issue of the inter-state border dispute with Assam to be part and parcel of the promises made by the political parties who are in the government, in their respective manifestos during elections.

 “Has it not been an issue which has been there before us all along, a contentious issue which has evaded solutions but it requires addressing every area of concern pertaining to areas of difference as far as the interstate border is concerned,” he said.