Congress corners Govt on corruption charges: NPP adopts an attacking mode   


With the opposition Congress nearly cornered the National People’s Party (NPP) led MDA Government in the state on frequent allegation of corruption charges, the ruling NPP adopts attacking mode. 

 Taking a lead to hit back at the opposition, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma termed the Congress’ allegations as unfortunate, even as he said the government of India would have stopped the implementation of the Saubhagya scheme if proper procedures were not followed by the state.

 Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Conrad said proper procedures were followed as per the guidelines for the implementation of the Saubhagya scheme in the state and that all approvals and clearances were given by the government of India. 

 “If there was a situation that there was something being done wrong or if there was some kind of a situation where it was not properly done, the government of India would have intervened, the government of India would not have cleared the bills and government of India would have stopped the implementation of the project, but it did not because all procedures were followed,” he stated.

 His statement came a day after the Leader of Opposition, Mukul Sangma had alleged that the predetermined selected bidders – M/s Satnam Global Infra Projects Ltd, Delhi, and M/s Onycon Enterprises, Mumbai – had quoted the rates above the approved schedule of rate (SoR) for the purchase of 9.5 meters and 8 meters of galvanized steel tubular poles.

 The package for Khasi-Jaintia Hills (Eastern region) was awarded to Satnam company while the package for Garo Hills (Western region) to Onycon company.

 The chief minister also said it is wrong on the part of the opposition if it thinks that just by them, repeating again and again that this is black, everybody will believe that it is black, that does not the way things work.

 “I think it is now important to realize that they should come up with issues that are important to the state, we are all working together here and sticking to the same old points, it is not going to serve any purpose as everybody knows the procedures were followed and that is why the government of India has allowed us to move ahead with the project and they have been implemented,” he added.