Congress hits back at NPP: ‘Talking about Congress MLAs, Does Kharlukhi know about the NPP MLAs?’



The opposition Congress has asked the ruling National People’s Party to take care of its MLAs as many of them are likely to desert the party and join other political parties ahead of the 2023 elections.

Congress spokesperson and Rangsakona legislator, Zenith Sangma said the NPP state president and lone Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. WR Kharlukhi has always talked about Congress MLAs’ joining other political parties but what about the NPP MLAs.

“Does Kharlukhi know about the NPP MLAs? Many of them might leave the NPP to join other parties in the next election. He is talking about Congress but let him think about his own party MLAs rather than talking about MLAs of other parties,” Sangma said.

Stating that he doesn’t want to react much on this, the Congress leader however said the NPP state president lacks experience on the kind of politics in the grassroots as he is yet to be elected in electoral politics.

“What does he (Kharlukhi) know about electoral politics. He is at present Rajya Sabha MP, which is kind of an assured seat like subsidy it is being given to him,” he stated.

Admitting that lots of Congress MLAs did left and joined other parties before the 2018 Assembly elections, Sangma however said similar things are also going to happen before the coming elections.

As far as Congress is concerned, Sangma said, “We know what to do as Congress is one of the strongest and oldest parties in the country and we don’t have any dearth of leaders in the party.”

Asserting that nobody is above the party, the Congress leader said that is why the party has always prioritized on ‘loyalty factor’.

“When somebody is indulging in some anti-party activities, we don’t count whether one is going to win the election or not, that is secondary, but the loyalty factor is the most important and most prioritized factor in the Congress party. So when in one basket there are lots of potatoes and if one potato is rotten, you will have to take and throw it away otherwise the entire potatoes will get rotten,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sangma said that more than 50 percent of the MLAs normally lose the elections adding over 36 MLAs lost the elections in 2018. He added that Congress knows what strategies to adopt and the same will be revealed when the right time comes.