Congress opposes Central bonded warehouse, alleges it is an attempts to monopolize liquor business.



Rangsakona Legislator and Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Spokesperson Zenith M Sangma on Wednesday alleges an attempt to monopolize the liquor business in the state. Even though, he mentioned the entire process of establishing the central bonded warehouse was done following the exit of UDP chief Metbah Lyngdoh as the excise Minister.
Lyngdoh is presently the speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

“When bah Metbah Lyngdoh, the honorable member from Mairang resigned from the council of ministers and was elected as the speaker of the Assembly then the excise department which was looking after by Metbah Lyngdoh has been taken care of by the Chief Minister himself, then during this time when this kind of development took place,” Zenith Sangma said while asserting that the present incumbent excise Minister Kyrmen Shylla is left with no option to object the Government’s decision.

Stating that after several years of unsuccessful attempts, certain players finally able to create central bonded warehouse which will monopolize their business, Zenith Sangma said, “Since many years certain players in the excise department in the liquor business they have been trying to create this central bond warehouse wherein few of them can really control the liquor business across the state. That was the proposal given to me also when I was looking after the excise department as Minister incharge.”
“So here what happens when this central bond warehouse is created, there will be only one bond which will be called as central bond ware house which will control the liquor business across the state, all other bonded warehouses will have to procure any item of the liquor whether it is IMFL or any other items including beer they will have to procure from central bonded ware house meaning in the process only 3-4 people will control,” Sangma said.
He added, “So other bonded warehouses will be completely at the mercy of people who are running this central bonded warehouse. “
He, therefore said, “The centralizing liquor business in the state, it will benefit only a few, there four maybe then there will be certain malafied intension by taking this particular decision wherein certain people are being discriminated so as it is been seen in any other line departments what is happening, the same thing is going to happen in the excise department.”
He also alleged that the attempt has been made to lure the Government, “ I know what the temptations are being made before the man in power because when I was the excise minister these people approach me I know very well.”