Congress targets NPP led MDA Govt on corruption, asks coalition partners to pull support.


The opposition Congress has asked all the coalition partners to pull out of the National People’s Party-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government for its ‘corrupt practices’.

“Let me appeal to all the friends in the government, who are non-NPP but in the government as coalition partners that they should take a call on this corruption issue. It is high time because the state government under the leadership of Conrad K Sangma is taking the people for a ride,” Congress spokesperson, Zenith Sangma told reporters.

Asked, he said it is natural for political parties who are coalition partners to be silent on any charges against the government so long they are in the government.

“They are reluctant to speak out against the government or maybe they think that when we are in the government it is not proper to give any negative comment against the government. There also may be lots of factors and only the person concerned will know better…but they need to take a call,” he said.

The Leader of Opposition and former chief minister, Mukul Sangma had threatened to seek the Prime Minister’s intervention if the MDA government does not institute an independent inquiry into the alleged illegal mining and transportation of coal.

Stating that Congress will adopt mechanisms to eradicate corruption from the state, Zenith said this is because Congress has zero-tolerance for corruption.

“This was also reflected in our action when we were in the government…we have come up with lots of legislations. We have come up with Lokayukta, wherein the politicians including the chief minister and officers including the chief secretary will have to submit their assets every year. Otherwise earlier only politicians during the filing of nomination they should declare their assets. Now under the provision of this Meghalaya Lokayukta, anybody who is a public servant be it a politician or officer, or whoever is answerable on behalf of the government will have to declare their assets and submit to the Lokayukta,” he said.

“So the corruption, unless and until we mitigate if not eradicating it completely, the state cannot grow but only a handful of people will be growing and entire people of the state will be at the mercy of these people only,” he said.

On the other hand, the Congress leader said there is a need for the people to wait till scientific mining is implemented in the state.

“I have been telling people if the coal deposit is there on the ground, it is not going disappear as it will be there only. If we are not in a position to mine it scientifically, let us wait till the time we can do it scientifically.

So if in my lifetime I cannot do, my children will do, the generation next will do, why should we be so selfish. That means if I am anxious that it should be done within my lifetime that means I am becoming selfish not wanting to leave anything to my children, to the generation next.

So by trying to fulfill one’s greed, we are destroying the environment, our forest, our soil, our water, our aquatic animals, the living beings in the water, lots of negative ramification because of it,” he asserted.

According to him, leaders should be responsible enough to protect the environment as once it is destroyed; it is not going to come up again.