Conrad slams Dr Chuba Ao over begging bowl statement


NPP President and Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Sunday slammed the BJP in-charge Meghalaya Dr Chuba Ao for his statement against the regional political parties from the North East region that they always go to Delhi with a “begging bowl”.


Referring to the statement as unfortunate, Sangma said, “Well I don’t know why he (Dr Ao) had made this statement as he himself is from the North East. He has full knowledge on how things work in the North East. It is unfortunate that he has made a comparison in that line and with that statement he has brought down his own people and has made them look in a very bad light.”


Sangma said that the BJP leader has not done his home work properly before making such statements.


“I strongly feel he has not done his home work and is trying to make a political statement,” he said.


He further stated, “But the fact of the matter is yes majority funds do come from central government, even the taxes and different schemes majority of the funds came from the central taxes but that is a way the government of India works and that is why finance commission works in this aspect.


More importantly to reply to certain other points that he had mentioned that the money comes and nothing happened to it, he should come and see the works that is happening in MNREGA where we used to spend Rs 600 crore at one point of time, today in the present time, we are almost touching Rs 1500 crore that is more than double 100 percent increased where we use to be spending just Rs 10 crore in NRLM today we are spending Rs 100 crore in NRLM projects. In JJM, we are one of the few states that got bonus money last year for spending all the budgetary allocations that were made to us and meeting the targets that were given.”

The Chief Minister also asked Dr Ao to speak with facts. “One should be more careful while making statements like that especially from a senior person like him he should speak with facts,” he said.