Conrad welcomes SC’s interim order on boundary MoU with Assam says its as per expectation

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Saturday said the Supreme Court’s order which stayed the Meghalaya High Court’s interim order staying the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Assam and Meghalaya was as per the expectation of the government.  


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said that the government was very clear that the interim order of the Meghalaya High Court will be stayed by the Supreme Court.


“We have approached the Supreme Court and as expected the Supreme court had stayed it. It has gone as per the expectation that we had,” he said.


The chief minister said that the second phase of border talks is moving in its own manner.


“We had a lot of challenges in the past. Hence, we have to smoothen out those challenges and those incidents that had happened as until and unless we are not able to move forward from that, we will not able to take this discussion forward,” he said.


He said the recent incident was a major setback to the border talks between the two states. Sangma said, “But that does not mean that the talks will stop, it does not mean that we will not further pursue the border issue.”


He assured that his government is committed to pursue the border talks with Assam


 “We will pursue it and we will take it to the logical conclusion, it is only the NPP, it is only this particular government that has taken the initiatives in the last 50 years to really find a realistic solution. We have done it for the first phase and we are very hopeful that given the mandate and given the opportunity by the people of our state, we will be able to solve this in the next term,” he added.

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