Controversy regarding HSPDP is not major one will be resolved soon: Paul Lyngdoh

UDP working President Paul Lyngdoh on Tuesday said the controversy regarding HSPDP is not a major one and blamed the Media for blowing it out of proportion. However,  the UDP leader also maintained that a few minor issues  which are there will be resolve soon.

Talking to Mediapersons, the UDP leader said there were certain issues raised by HSPDP in public and those will be resolved soon. The UDP leader said there were few points of difference of opinion and that will be resolved amicably in the next few days.

“There is nothing major but you guys have blown it out of proportion, there is nothing as dramatic as it was made out to be. Some issues are praised by the HSPDP which is also made public through the Media but these will be resolved. Few points of difference of opinions are there which will be resolved amicably within a few days,” Lyngdoh said.

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