Coordination and Welfare Committee, Shella Bholaganj formed to restore peace and harmony.


To restore peace and harmony in the state, the Coordination and Welfare Committee, Shella Bholaganj (CWC-SB) was formed as it resolved to urge the state authorities to take steps in restoring the livelihood activities of the people in the area.

 In a meeting held among the residents of Shella Bholaganj Block, East Khasi Hills district and adjoining areas on November 1, this decision was taken. 

 The meeting condemned the untoward incidents that happened at Ichamati and urges appropriate punishment for the miscreants.

  “The committee will take initiative to foster a spirit of brotherhood amongst the residents of Meghalaya irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, and language and to inculcate a spirit of unity, patriotism, mutual respect and a sense of oneness for the benefit of the state and the society,” CWCSB president Gopal Dey said in a statement on Monday.


 Dey said the committee has unanimously resolved to take up issues pertaining to Meghalaya including Shella Bholaganj Block and adjoining areas.


“The Committee requests all the concerned authorities to take necessary steps for renewal/ issuance of licenses/ no objection Certificates as the case may be so that the livelihood of the sufferers are restored with honour and dignity as early as possible,” Dey said.

He said the committee is responsible for ensuring that peace, harmony, brotherhood, and tranquility is maintained in the areas and no infringement/violation of rights of any inhabitant takes place, and to ensure that no conflict/discrimination/prejudice/bias occurs in Shella Bholaganj Block and adjoining areas.

 “Further, this committee shall be considered as a body of representation of the inhabitants of the said areas, and all necessary information/press release/litigation or any other such forms of communication or activity shall henceforth be effectuated/discharged/carried out/communicated by/to this committee,” he said. EOM