The third edition of the Business Leadership Summit (BLS) of IIM Shillong ended on Sunday. The flagship event organised with the theme – “India: The leading emerging market and its Global Footprint,” witnessed industry stalwarts from all domains including, Consulting, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Systems and Analytics, and Marketing, from across the country addressing students of IIM Shillong, this time in an online mode.
The event carried forward the vision that a strong industry-academia interaction paves the way for building the leaders of tomorrow who can inspire society and build the future of our nation.
It also focuses on how India can become a more active player in contributing goods and services and shaping the global development agenda itself.
Panelists like Sandeep Baxla, Garima Jain, Vivek Sarbhai and Kartik Shah, from the domain of Operations, led by Opera, the Operations Club of IIM Shillong participated on the culminating day.
The stalwarts got together to discuss the theme: “The next evolution of supply chain”. The panelists discussed how the recent developments in the domain and how the industry is incorporating metrics to gauge the resilience of the supply chain to withstand any disruption. Following this was bITeSys, the System and Analytics club of IIM Shillong, which brought a panel including Gaurav Vatsa, Mythili Krishnan, Tony Thomas and Dhruv Rastogi, who presented a fruitful discussion on the role of Data Analytics in transforming small and medium scale business in the emerging markets of India.
The last panel discussion was conducted by Markathon, the Marketing Club of IIM Shillong, wherein, industry leaders like Nishith Patel, Krithika Sriram, Piali Dasgupta and Srihari Gopinath had a thought-provoking discussion on how digital transformation can form the stepping stone for India’s global dominance.
Earlier, the inaugural session on Saturday kick-started with Niveshak, the Finance Club of IIM Shillong, which witnessed the participation of well-known industry leaders such as Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Amol Warange, Adil Zaidi & Alok Misra who discussed in length on the sub-theme “Build in India, Build for the World”
This was followed by a session driven by ConQuest, the Consulting and Strategy Club of IIM Shillong, which had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Sudip Datta, Partner PwC; Mr. Atrideb Basu, Director, CRIF India; Mr. Piyush Saxena, Vice-President and Head-Hybrid Cloud Services, HCL Technologies;
Rahul Gupta, Function Head, Corporate Development, Tech Mahindra in their panel discussion on the theme “What business model innovation strategies should Indian businesses adopt to increase their global footprint in the future”.
After a highly engaging session on how India and Indian businesses can bring innovation to the grassroots level and improve India’s global footprint, the day concluded with the next panel discussion by usHR, the HR club of IIM Shillong.
The discussion on “Up-skilling India’s workforce to thrive in the competitive Global Economy”, unfolded awareness on the macro level scenario, unwritten competencies like growth mindset, tech-savvy during the hiring process and how the government, corporates and educational institutions need to work together to rethink skill ecosystems. It was led by Dr. Anil Kumar Misra, Chandrajit Pati and Babita Basak.
Both days ended with entertainment events organised for the students as part of the post-discussion celebration of the Business Leadership Summit.
The events witnessed live studio performances and broadcast by Mumbai-based alternate rock outfit- The Yellow Diary and the famous Indian composer, singer, lyricist, music director and sound recordist- Gajendra Verma.
The entire event not only educated the students on the various fields of Business but also successfully brought leisure and refreshment to the MBA students through the virtual medium.