COVID 19: Opp Congress alleges State Govt has not used ventilators provided under PM CARES


The opposition Congress has alleged that the ventilators provided under the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) have not been put to use by the state government.


Addressing media persons after conducting inspection to the health care facilities in West Khasi Hills district on Wednesday, Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma said,“Till now the ventilators which are provided under the PM CARES fund have not been put to use.”


“…if we have asked for these ventilators and have not put them to use that means we have lost focus and probably the priority is different – that is the possible interpretation in respect of the response of the government while fighting this pandemic.”


He said this is not something to be interpreted as a blame game adding that every individual every citizen has the responsibility and the right to indicate any deficiency in the best interest of everyone and for the larger good.


Concerned over the fatality rate due to COVID-19, Sangma however said, “I must say the death count is beyond of what should have been and these are obviously because of the facilities which are not made available in different districts including state capital.”


Urging the state government to address the various deficiencies, he said the opposition has also talked about the lack of ambulances which are equipped with advanced life support systems.


“We have been assured in yesterday’s meeting with the government that they will be immediately providing ambulances with advanced life support equipment…so all these deficiencies that are there could have been addressed by the government on time.”


Asserting the need for the state government to prepare for the third wave of COVID-19, the former chief minister said, “…we must ensure we are able to vaccinate as many people as possible at the earliest in case we are hit by the third wave.”


He said it was after various voices which have come from all corners across the country, the Government of India has agreed to ensure that the vaccines are provided free for all.


“Therefore, it is important and incumbent upon the government to ensure all necessary facilities are created and necessary monitoring is done to ensure that not any part of the state is left out,” he added.


Stating that the intent of equitable distribution of the facilities is a must, Sangma said the state should not be complacent and should not waste time as everyday is crucial and everyday must be used optimally.