COVID 19 pandemic hit badly traditional market ‘iewduh’


Barabazaar merchant Association today submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and also met the Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong seeking their intervention on reopening Iewduh completely.
Stating that, iewduh has been badly affected due to three months of complete lockdown and six months of COVID restriction in place, Dibakar Pandey, President of Barabazaar Merchant Association said, “We met the Chief Minister and appraises him about the hardship face by the shopkeepers and the villagers. Due to pandemic, the state Government has put in place the ODD/Even system of movement of the vehicles and also the shops to be open on a rotation basis which mainly follows odd/even numbers, we have requested the Government to do away with it.”
Talking about the agony of the people, the associated president asserted that during lockdown the merchants of iewduh have suffered severe loss as, “Lakhs of rupees items were expired, perishable items were thrown to the dustbin.”
He also said ‘this has affected the economy of the state,’ iewduh, is the largest traditional and the oldest market in Meghalaya.
“So many crises our people are facing in the last six months and now as the Covid 19 is not going anywhere immediately which has a deeper impact on the economy, shopkeepers are crying so since even shop​s​ are not allowed to open every day due to restriction,” he added when asked about the revenue loss.
He further said, since due to COVID 19, not all shops are allowed to open, many of the farmers and villagers prefer to sell their items which include fruit, vegetables, and fishes on the roadside.
According to the Association, the Chief Minister, however, said that only after discussing with other officials he will take a decision immediately although he cannot give any assurance, however, after examining the matter, he will take a decision. EOM.​​