Covid 19 situation in Meghalaya not good: Prestone


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday said that the COVID-19 situation in the state is not good.


Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said, “Ultimately we leave it to the responsibility of each citizen of the state as from the government side, we cannot just do it alone.”


He said the team of doctors or the team of government machineries cannot stop the spread of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19.


“As I said it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the state (to protect themselves) I appeal and I request them to follow the SOPs as prescribed by the health department from time to time,” Tynsong added.


On the Congress’ allegation that the government has surrendered by leaving it to the people to fight against the pandemic, the deputy chief minister however said the question of giving up does not arise at all.


“Since you know the transmission rate of Covid-19 and Omicron is high, you need to understand that people also need to take responsibility because illness is attached to individuals only. If you feel you have a sign or are symptomatic, isolate and don’t mix around with anybody otherwise transmission will take place,” he said.


On Assam government’s decision to impose curfew on people who are not vaccinated, Tynsong however said the state government is not going to do that but will aggressively carry out vaccination drives at the block and village level.   


“Almost all officers, all departments, have already deputed to go to each and every village to explain that vaccination is so important so that people can be saved from spread of Covid or Omicron,” he said.


When asked on the need for testing at Umling entry point, Tynsong maintained that health is a state subject and nobody can question the government’s decision to make testing for Covid mandatory.


“If there is no coronavirus we would not have done that. We have spent a lot of manpower and time over there not necessarily for money but we really wanted to make sure that people of the state and those coming into the state are safe and they dont get infected but those who bring RT PCR test within 72 hours they are exempted from testing,” he said.