COVID 19 update 09 December


Total cases- 12,511
Active cases-534
Recovered- 11,855
Died- 122

The state recorded yet another high single-day recovery of 169 COVID-19 patients, pushing the total recoveries to over 11,855 on Wednesday.

Director of Health Services (MI), Dr. Aman War said 148 persons were declared recovered in East Khasi Hills district, 03 Ri Bhoi district, 13 West Garo Hills district, 02 in East Garo Hills, 02 West Jaintia Hills district, and 01 in West Khasi Hills.

Of the 101 new cases detected, he said 58 East Khasi Hills district, 02 Ri Bhoi district, 03 South West Garo Hills district, 08 West Garo Hills district, 28 West Jaintia Hills district, 1 East Garo Hills district and 1 North Garo Hills district.
The state has detected a total of 12,511 COVID-19 cases out of which 534 are active cases, 11,855 recovered and 122 deaths.

With the high recovery rate in the past few weeks, positive cases in East Khasi Hills district have reduced to 291 which include 35 Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces and 256 civilians.

However, districts like West Garo Hills have been witnessing a surge in the number of positive cases at 97, followed by West Jaintia Hills 49 and Ri Bhoi 25.
Cases in East Garo Hills have also increased to 24 and South West Garo Hills 20, West Khasi Hills 09 while those with the least cases include East Jaintia Hills 6, North Garo Hills 07, South Garo Hills 02, and South West Khasi Hills 04.

“Till date, swab samples of 2,60,267 persons have been tested of which 2,47,756 were found negative,” the senior medical official said.

There are 69,302 entrants from outside the state.