One more COVID 19 death, 98 fresh infections.


Total cases- 12,743
Active cases-641
Recovered- 11,977
Died- 125

One more person succumbs to COVID-19 pushing the death toll due to coronavirus to 125 in the state after an 80-year-old man succumbed to the infection on Saturday.

Bilenson Ch Momin from Langkyrding, Nongmynsong passed away at the Nazareth hospital on December 10, Director of Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War told reporters.

“The cause of death was due to type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, COPD and COVID-19 pneumonia,” he said.

Meanwhile, 98 new cases have been detected while 50 patients have recovered from the viral infection on Saturday.

Dr War said the new cases include 61 from East Khasi Hills district, 25 West Jaintia Hills district, 6 Ri Bhoi district, 2 East Garo Hills district, 2 West Garo Hills district, 1 North Garo Hills district and 1 South Garo Hills district.

Those tested positive also include two armed force/paramilitary force personnel, 2 police personnel, 4 health workers, 4 returnees and 13 high-risk contacts from East Khasi Hills.

Of the 50 recovered patients, Dr War said 23 are from East Khasi Hills, 16 West Garo Hills, 4 South West Garo Hills, 4 West Jaintia Hills and 3 Ri Bhoi district.

So far, the state has detected a total of 12,743 COVID-19 cases out of which 641 are active cases, 11,977 recovered and 125 deaths.

Dr War said the fatality rate due to COVID-19 as on Wednesday is 0.98 percent.

Of the total active cases, East Khasi Hills has 394 positive cases, West Jaintia Hills 81, West Garo Hills 73, Ri Bhoi 29, South West Garo Hills 18, East Garo Hills 17, North Garo Hills 9, West Khasi Hills 7, East Jaintia Hills 5, South West Khasi Hills 4 and South Garo Hills 4.

“Till date, swab samples of 2,65,057 persons have been tested of which 2,52,314 were found negative,” the senior medical official said.

There are 70,518 entrants from outside the state.