COVID 19 update


Total case- 6032

Active case – 1,755

Recovered- 4,225

Death- 52.

The state registered one more death due to COVID 19 virus as the death toll now stands at 52. The Covid –19 situation​​ in Meghalaya is getting worse by the day with the state reporting the highest single day spike of 231 positive cases even as 225 new recoveries registered in 24 hours.

Out of the 225 recovered COVID-19 patients, Dr War  said, 123 are from East  Jaintia Hills district, 94 from East Khasi Hills district, 4 from West Garo Hills district, 3 from Ri Bhoi district and 1 from West Khasi Hills district.

The state has detected a total of 6032 COVID-19 out of which 1,755 are active cases, 4,225 recovered and 52 deaths.

Director of Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War informed 4,225 COVID-19 patients have been discharged as on date, however the overall count stands at 6032.

Dr Aman War informed of the new cases, 183 persons were tested positive for COVID-19 in East Khasi Hills district, 13 in East Jaintia Hills district, 9 in West Garo Hills district, 9 in South West Garo Hills district, 7 in Ri Bhoi district, 6 in South Garo Hills district, 3 in West Khasi Hills district and 1 in East Garo Hills district.

East Khasi Hills district tops the list of districts in positive cases with 1,206 infections, that include 33 Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces and 1,173 civilians, followed by West Garo Hills 178, Ri Bhoi 158 and East Jaintia Hills 106.

In the other districts, 31 cases are in South West Garo Hills, 24 in North Garo Hills, 15 in West Jaintia Hills, 12 in East Garo Hills, 11 in West Khasi Hills, 9 in East Garo Hills and 5 in South West Khasi Hills.