COVID 19 update 25 November.


Total cases- 11,513

Active cases- 915

Recovered- 10,488

Deaths- 110

As the COVID 19 positive cases continue to increase in the state,
Fifty-nine more persons have tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, taking the total cases to 11,488 in the state.

Director of Health Services (MI), Dr. Aman War said the new cases include 27 from East Khasi Hills district, 17 West Garo Hills district, 8 West Jaintia Hills district, 4 Ri Bhoi district, 1 East Jaintia Hills district, 1 South West Garo Hills district, and 1 West Khasi Hills district.

Of the 37 persons who recovered from the viral infection, Dr. War said 19 are from East Khasi Hills, 6 East Garo Hills, 6 West Garo Hills, 4 Ri Bhoi, and 2 South West Garo Hills.

So far, the state has detected a total of 11,513 COVID-19 cases out of which 915 are active cases, 10,488 recovered, and 110 deaths.

Dr War said the fatality rate due to COVID-19 is 0.95 percent.

Of the total active cases, East Khasi Hills has 444 positive cases, West Garo Hills 249, South Garo Hills 50, South West Garo Hills 38, East Garo Hills 34, Ri Bhoi 31, West Khasi Hills 28, East Jaintia Hills 17, West Jaintia Hills 14 and North Garo Hills 10.

“Till date, swab samples of 2,34,160 persons have been tested of which 2,22,647 were found negative,” the senior medical official said.

There are 63,000 entrants from outside the state.