CPC vouch not to go Kerela way; following protocols must

Learning lesson from Kerela, the Central Puja Committee in Meghalaya vouch for not letting the situation go Kerela way post Durga Puja Festival.  The committee decided not to invite trouble.
The General Secretary of Central Puja Committee, JL Das said, “We don’t want to follow Kerela, what happened after Onam festival in Kerela, there was a large scale spike, so we don’t want to become Kerala model. We have taken lesion from Kerela and decided to follow Government SOPs.”
Earlier, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said negligence during Onam led to the spike in Covid-19 cases in Kerala, and other states should ‘learn a lesson’ from this.
Setting a list of protocols to follow, the CPC decided to do away with Community Fest and Prashad Distribution this year and focus will be put on packed Prashad.
Breaking its tradition, the Committee also decided not to hold popular drumbeat competitions and other events including All Faith-All Religion “Get-together of Harmony.”
“CPC Meghalaya sincerely regrets its inability to hold the All Faith-All Religion ‘Get-together of Harmony’ held every year since 1993; this year due to the pandemic,” Das said adding, “With regard to an ongoing pandemic, there will be no drumbeat competition as other events including VIP visits that stands cancel.”
Stating that only Durga Puja rituals will be followed, the CPC leader said the focus will be on following protocols and strict Government guidelines, “Nobody will be allowed to enter into the Durga Puja Pandal without a face mask,” he added.
The Central Puja Committee further is not encouraging devotees for inter locality movement to different puja pandals,
“We are discouraging it only to avoid any large-scale gatherings.,” he added.APPEAL

Central Puja Committee also fervently appeal to all sections of the community irrespective of caste, creed, and religion to maintain peace, harmony, and brotherhood among residents of Shillong in particular and the state of Meghalaya in general and sustain the age-old tradition of fraternal bond and amity existing among all communities and religion of the state. CPC, Meghalaya also appeals for the co-operation of all at the advent of the festival season.This year altogether 253 Durga Puja pandals will be erected all over the state. 122 community Pujas will be there in Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi, while 117 in Garo Hills. In the Jaintia Hills, only 14 Pujas will be performed.  In Shillong, there will be only 23 idols worship while the remaining will be ghat worship.