Crime against women and children at surge; Lengthy process involve delays the victim compensation 



While there has been a rise in crime against women and children in the state, now people are more aware and coming forward to report such cases. 

The district-wise data from January to August this year reveals a very astonishing fact, while there were 372 total cases of crime against women is reported in the state in just seven months. The crime against women in these seven months stands at 247 cases.

Source: Meghalaya police website


However, the main problem people are facing today is the delay in Victim compensation in such cases. Admitting the delay, social welfare minister Kyrmen Shylla said the Government is in the process to fast-track it. He however explained lengthy processes involved in giving away compensation.

Reasoning the delay in compensation especially to the minor victims, Shylla said, “The fact that why this compensation gets delayed, there are lots of procedure needs to be followed by the officers, first they have to collect all the information after Child Development Project Officer get all the information, he has to send it to District legal service authority, after approval from there they send to Meghalaya state legal service authority where we need a final approval and after that then only the process goes for compensation.”

“Most of the time it gets delayed because the file moves from one place or the other place, it cannot be just given whenever they come to claim compensation, the procedure is there which need to be followed, there are some criteria,” he added.

 Stress on the need to fast track the judicial process, he said, “Need to speed up the process, we feel so bad when victims are suffering and running after the compensation, the culprit should be punished according to the law.”