CSWO cautions authorities: Heavy loaded trucks plying on Dam Site Bridge puts in danger life of people.


Questioning the decision to allow heavily loaded trucks to ply through the Damsite bridge, the Civil Society Women’s Organization (CSWO) on Saturday said it has already crossed its technical lifespan.

“The Public wants to know which engineer has certified, allowing the heavy vehicles trucks, carrying more than 35+12 laden load, to cross through the Damsite Bridge which has already crossed its technical lifespan,” CSWO chief Agnes Kharshiing said in a statement.

She said this is surely putting in danger the lives of people living downstream and also people commuting through the bridge.

This came a day after the East Khasi Hills SP has informed that all heavy motor vehicles (HMVs) are allowed to ply through Shillong city with effect from Saturday, from 9 pm – 6 am next morning until further orders. According to him, the decision was taken in view of the deteriorated and weak condition of the Dwar Ksuid Umroi Bridge-Shillong By-pass.

Kharshiing however asked if a newly-built bridge at Dwar Ksuid etc could not withstand the weight of these trucks, how can the old lifespan less bridge in Damsite can?

A bridge which in today’s term is meant for small vehicles, to cross to Shillong and Ri Bhoi area and further.

The CSWO chief further asserted that the government especially the department concerned has to get a clear certification from an expert before it allows the 10 times heavily loaded trucks to ply through the lifeline old bridge at the main Umiam Reservoir Dam, as pressure from the water and the trucks may burst and cause disaster to many lives and properties.

She also demanded the government has to immediately take note and act on this so that lives are protected.