NPP candidate and former five-time legislator of Ranikor Martin M Danggo on Monday said he is waiting for a decision from his leaders on whether to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The former speaker also said he will go as per the wishes of his people. 


Speaking to reporters, Danggo said he was informed that his leaders and supporters had held a meeting at the Shillong Club and had resolved to quit the NPP and joined the BJP.


He said it would be premature for him to decide on whether to join the BJP or not since he is yet to get an official communication from his leaders and supporters.


“I am yet to receive the official communication from my leaders. I am waiting for that,” he said.

The former Speaker also said, “I have to go as per the wishes of my people but whether or not the image of NPP will be turn is not my lookout.”

“If majority decided and the communication come to me today (to join BJP), definitely why not? The decision will taken after meeting, I am yet to get the communication from my leaders,” Danggo added.


He said it will depend on his leaders if he is re-elected or not.


He said, “If they (leaders) want me to be re-elected it is up to them to work hard if not it depends on them that’s all.”


Danggo said that he does not regret resigning as MLA in 2018.


 “I don’t regret because my ambition was to get Civil Sub-division in my area, I got it through my resignation so I don’t regret. That’s why I don’t want to become MLA anymore, I don’t want to contest anymore but my leaders and supporters are forcing me to please contest again that’s why I am contesting,” he said.


The former legislator said that he was also approached by the Congress, AITC and others.


 “But I am not inclined to join any party unless and until my leaders and supporters agree to join any party I am ready to. Whether I win or lose that does not matter but it is my duty to obey my leaders and supporters,” he stated.

By Editor