DCA dept asks Garo Hills DCs to curb avoidable poll expenditure

Pic by Meghalaya News 24..

Meghalaya News 24 exclusive

Estimating the total expenditure for the election to the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council approximately could increase to Rs. 15 cr. the District council Affairs Department has asked the Returning Officers of respective Districts to spend judiciously taking into consideration the financial health of the state.
District Council Affairs Minister Lahkmen Rymbui told reporters in Shillong, “The respective returning officers should spend judiciously taking into consideration the financial help of the district council that all avoidable expenditure is to be avoided so that the minimum possible amount could be incurred as I said before taking into consideration the financial health of the district council.”
Asked about expenditure, he said, “We do not have the exact figure that is needed and by the figure will be somewhere plus-minus Rs 15 cr will be needed for conducting the election to the Garo Hills Autonomous district council.” Even as he maintained that the amount will be spent from the share of the district council.
The 2021 Garo Hills Autonomous District Council election is different from 2015 as the shadow of both GNLA and ULFA (I) is no more there, even as the Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui who is holding additional charge of District Council Affairs said the State Government will ensure smooth conduct of the election.
Asked during the election do you see any kind of militant regrouping or trying to disrupt the election, he said, “I don’t foresee anything on that, I in fact foresee that this election will run very smoothly, and I seek the cooperation of people and the stakeholders and also request the deputy commissioners of respective districts and the SPs of respective districts should see the preparation and conduct of the election should be done smoothly.”
February 4, Thursday marked the publication of the draft electoral roll for the conduct of the GHADC poll, as the preparation for the poll has begun.
“ The commissioner secretary of DCA last week held a meeting with the deputy commissioners of different districts so that to inform them and see what can be done for the smooth conduction of the election,” he added.
Asked if the model code of conduct will be enforced in the entire state, he said, “There are some policy decision which affects the whole state, and there are some decision which does not affect the whole state and for those decisions which are pertaining to Garo Hills District that from 8th of March the model code will come into effect.”