Death Anniversary SosoTham observed.


The observation of the Eightieth Death Anniversary of the eminent Khasi bard, SosoTham was held at Sohra with the unveiling of the statue of Soso Thamerected at the vantage point of his birthplace, Saitsohpen, Sohra.

The observation was marked with a cultural procession from Nongsawlia till the monument at Saitsohpen led by Mr. Mesadap Skhembill, President and Vicky Mawnai, Secretary of Khasi Students’ Union, Sohra Unit, in the accompaniment of the Khasi folk minstrel.

The President of KSU Central Body, Lambokstarwell Marngar unveiled the statue of Soso Tham and former KSU President, Daniel Khyriem unfurled the KSU flag in the presence of dignitaries including Dr DR L Nonglait, President Khasi Authors’ Society, the village elders, leaders of different units of KSU and clan elder of the Tham clan.

The Chief Guest, Lambokstarwell Marngar cherished the outstanding contribution of the poet, Soso Tham towards Khasi literature. He made special mention on his translation works which Soso Tham could retain the Khasi folk essence of the stories from overseas continents.
Marngar acknowledged the treasure trove of Soso Tham’s literary assets as the major contribution to the demand for constitutional recognition of Khasi Language in the Eighth Schedule. On the other hand, Daniel Khyriem recalled the social dilemma within the society that led to the death of KSU leader, S Hynñiewta last year at the hand of criminal immigrants. He lamented at the apathetic situation that the State Government failed to sort out the communal conflict and made patriotic outcry among the youth to defend the land and protect the people from any control by the dominant communities. Khyriem also expressed regret at the legislation of central laws that are detrimental to the minority communities of the region.
Others who spoke on the occasion included Dr D R L Nonglait, KSU leader Ribokstar Diengdoh, the elder of the Tham clan, beside the welcome address and vote of thanks by the President and Secretary respectively, of KSU Sohra Unit.
As part of the programme, KSU activist Shemphang Synrem was felicitated for his noble deeds, while mention was made for the Architect, Aiban Shngaiñ and Artist Raphael Warjri for their creative contribution in the design and sculptural works of the monument in memory of Soso Tham.