Delay to sanction 80 km Umsning-Jagi road project may affect prospect in 2023 election: Dasakhiat


Cabinet minister Dasakhiat Lamare on Friday said that the delay of the Centre to sanction the 80 km Umsning-Jagi road project may affect him in the upcoming 2023 elections.
“Yes if at all it is delayed, it will definitely affect me in the next election because this road is the backbone of my Mawhati constituency,” Lamare, who recently met Union Minister of State for DoNER, Dr. Jitendra Singh in New Delhi, told reporters on Friday.
The Mawhati MLA said the people of the constituency are closing their eyes on the rest of the development given to them and are focusing only on this road.
Asked if the road will be a “deciding factor” for him to win or lose the upcoming election, Lamare however said, “I cannot say yes or no but it might be because at the end of the day winning and losing will depend on the public. Yes, it also depends on me how good I am in convincing them you will never know. I may be super good in convincing them without making this road then that is a different thing.”
He continued, “It is my duty to get this road for my people and I will try my level best to fulfill their aspiration. I have been trying since the day I won the election and I am still trying and I will not sit until it is done.”
On his recent meeting with Dr. Jitendra, Lamare informed that he has sought the intervention of the union minister for sanctioning two road projects which include the Umsning-Jagi road and 18 km Bhoirymbong-Mawlasnai-Sabuda road in his constituency.
According to him, the estimated cost for construction of the Umsning-Jagi road is around Rs 200 crore while the Bhoirymbong-Mawlasnai-Sabuda road is Rs 56 crore.
He said the Umsning-Jagi road, which was first and last constructed 20 years ago, is in a dilapidated condition causing huge difficulties for people residing in as many as 85-90 villages.
Asked, Lamare said that the union minister has assured that he would try his level best to sanction at least one road project.
“He (Dr. Jitendra) informed that they expecting to get less fund in this current financial year but he assured that his department will try its best to give whatever amount they can for these two roads, if not both, at least one,” he said.
Lamare said of the 80 km stretch of the Umsning to Jagi road, Rs 140 crore was proposed under NERSDS for construction of 40 km while Rs 85 km will be funded by the World Bank for the other half.