Designated parking, vending zone and realignment of road planned to give Shillong Golf Course a facelift.


Planning to give a facelift to the scenic Shillong Golf Course, a meeting chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District Isawanda Laloo decided to make a designated parking space, vending zone and realignment of road for its beautification.

 A designated place for a picnic, for walking, for cycling, etc will also be made as part of the beautification project of the Government.

Aiming to make it on a par with international standards, the state government plans to give the Shillong Golf Course a facelift, including the development of infrastructure for its beautification to boost tourism in the State, in this regard, local MLA and Health Minister AL Hek organised a meeting at Shillong Golf Course.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Health Minister and local MLA, AL Hek, asserted that Meghalaya is celebrating its Golden jubilee of statehood next year as Shillong Golf Course the pride of Shillong will be given a facelift.

“The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills district and the purpose of the meeting is to protect and preserve the Shillong Golf Course. See next year the Meghalaya state is going to celebrate its Golden jubilee of the statehood, so the Golf course is a pride of every citizen of our state,” Hek said.

As Meghalaya Government focuses on promoting safe tourism, post Coronavirus pandemic, the District administration is set to bring in an array of measures, specially when it comes to the keeping Golf course litter-free.

 “We have seen these days the Golf course has become a dumping place, people are littering, since the initiative came from the Government and Chief Minister Conrad Sangma is very keen and interested to ensure that he will give financing for the realignment of the road for the construction of the road for the larger interest of the localities surrounding the golf course,” the Health Minister said while mentioning about the abused that this tourism site had to undergo.

The Pynthormukhra MLA said, “We agreed to create an alternative space, alternative road for the public who are going through the golf course as you are aware we have two roads which are criss-cross to the golf course, so we want to give the re-alignment and also the alternative road to the people not through the golf course.”  

Asked, he said, “The main issue here is to create a tourism destination here.”

Dr. W Kharshiing, one of the Directors of the Shillong club said, “The joint action committee has taken few decision that we should make a master plan for this Golf Club area and one of the master plan which includes the diversion of the road and the designated land, or alternative land for other people of the locality and outsiders to visit the designated place for a picnic, for walking, for cycling, etc.”

“Also, we have decided that we will form a small subcommittee to sit down and then prepare the master plan, discuss the master plan, when the master plan is ready then the respective stakeholders will be taken into consideration, as the various take holders of the localities surrounding the club like the Dorbar Shnong will be taken on board,” he added.

Right now, there is no restriction on anyone entering the golf course and people are seen playing and picnicking on the greens. Besides, the place has also turned into a favourite rendezvous for couples.

 Shillong golf course prides in being one of the oldest, largest and finest natural golf circuits across the world. Owing to its greenery and scenic beauty, the United States Golf Association and Museum have given it the title of ‘Gleneagle of the East’.

 In the year 1898, it was established as a 9-hole golf course at an altitude of 5200 feet. Captain Jackson and CK Rhodes converted it to an 18-hole course in 1924, and since then, it has been a favourite haunt of golf aficionados.