Dirt of hate brought by VPP into political scenario in Meghalaya is regretful: Ampareen hit at VPP

SHILLONG, APR 19: NPP candidate for Shillong parliamentary seat and cabinet minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday said the dirt or hate brought the opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) into the political scenario of Meghalaya is very regretful.

Dr. Lyngdoh cast her vote on Friday morning.

Speaking to media persons, Lyngdoh said, “I will not say that elections in Meghalaya have become aggressive, I will say that there are players in the political scenario that have become nasty, negative, no mutual respect and it is this one party that has led a bitter taste in everybody’s minds, that is why I talked about corruption of the mind, gone are those days where the state of Meghalaya mutually respected all political parties. We are at that stage where there is one very aggressive party which is just trampling on everybody else’s opinion and that is something which we have to deal with in the state and I will try my best to ensure that we eliminate this negative politics that we are seeing happening, poking each other, pushing people to say regretful things, this is something which Meghalaya has not seen and this dirt that they have brought along into this political scenario of Meghalaya is very regretful.”


She said, “I have been actively involved in politics since I was like 8-9 years old, I have never seen this hate, that is dangerous and that is what is going to destroy us.”


Asked, Lyngdoh said that “this is the first time I have fought the MP elections, I will not say I am confident I will say that my team has worked well, my party has coordinated very efficiently this one time every soldier is on the ground, every member of the party is actively involved in garnering support for the party and if you ask me whether or not that will yield positive results, I believe it will because every booth on the ground is aggressively fighting the hate politics that has emerged in the state of Meghalaya in just one MP election.”


Lyngdoh said, “I took it with all sincerity, I put in all my efforts, I gave my best and my journey throughout the 36 constituencies has been very fulfilling. I will vow that I will put in all efforts to ensure that we work together in all 36 constituencies to ensure benefit for the people.”


“We are here to serve the people, we should not compromise and I have taken note of every observation that I have made least I forget and I will ensure that I will lobby, I will consult, I will highlight the issues that I thought need urgent attention by the government,” she added.


Lyngdoh said, “People have welcomed me with open arms, whether or not they are my voters I have no indications but I got much respect, much love, much expectations from all of the expression that I encountered through my journey to all 36 constituencies. I feel that that is what gave me the strength to continue on my journey. I never at any point of time thought that there was a rejection of my candidature and maybe that is the main motivation for me personally to continue in my journey and to complete it to the best of my capacity and capability.”

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