Disaster Management proposes a joint inspection to identify ‘dangerous trees’ 


The Department of Disaster Management has written a letter to the Forest and Environment Department proposing a joint inspection to identify the potentially dangerous trees in the state.

A tree uprooted behind Raj Bhawan, Shillong.

Informing this, Minister in charge of Revenue and Disaster Management Kyrmen Shylla said some of the dangerous trees need to be either trimmed or cut and for this, they need coordination from the Forest Department.

“We have written a letter to the forest department suggesting we should go for a joint inspection so that we will check which one should be cut if allowed by the forest department. We would like to cut some trees which are in a dangerous position,” Shylla said.

The recent incessant rainfall has caused severe disaster in the state; several trees were uprooted across the state due to heavy rain and strong winds. As the Monsoon is gradually winding up in the state, it’s time for action and the Disaster Management Department is planning to team up with the Forest Department in identifying dangerous trees.

​​“Yes​ the​ Disaster​ ​Department is in coordination with Forest and Environment Department, at present​,​ it’s a proposal from our side and it is up to the forest department to accept it,” he said adding, “All these trees falls under Forest and environment therefore we have written to them if that can be done so that we can take a collective decision, until and unless forest depart allows we cannot do anything.”​​

It may be remembered that just three years back the three people died in a car that was crushed by a massive tree in the state capital Shillong in 2017. The tree was on the edge of the Raj Bhawan compound. This year too, trees from the compound of Raj Bhawan fell although no one died, it has damaged the vehicles. EOM